Project 1: Bioaerosol Dynamics in the Infant Near-Floor Microenvironment [2016-Present]

Graduate Students: Tianren Wu (Ph.D. Dissertation, Civil Engineering), Bara Alarfaj (Civil Engineering)

Undergraduate Students: Jin Pan (Tsinghua University)

Collaborators: Purdue Ben & Maxine Miller Child Development Laboratory School

Project 2: High-Resolution Classification of Sub-10 nm Particles in Indoor Environments [2016-Present]

Project 3: Nandi Clean Kitchen Study [2016-Present]

Graduate Students: Danielle Wagner (M.S. Thesis, Environmental & Ecological Engineering)

Undergraduate Students: EPICS Team - Global Air Quality Trekkers

Collaborators: Dr. David Lagat (Moi University School of Medicine), Irene Kalami, AMPATH Kenya, Nandi Community, Prof. Ellen Wells (Health Sciences)

Project 4: Exposure to Nanoparticles in a Welding Facility [2016-Present]

Graduate Students: Mahmoud Nour, Spencer Thomas, and Eric Ward (Health Sciences)

Collaborators: Prof. Ellen Wells (Health Sciences)

Project 5: Chemical Air Emissions from Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) Pipe Repair Activity [2016-Present]

Graduate Students: Mabi Teimouri (Civil Engineering)

Undergraduate Students: Emily Conkling and Kyungyeon Ra (Environmental & Ecological Engineering)

Collaborators: Prof. Andrew Whelton, Prof. John Howarter, and Dr. Nadya Zyaykina (Civil Engineering/Environmental & Ecological Engineering); Sacramento State Office of Water Programs

Project 6: Infant Crawling-Induced Particle Resuspension [2014-Present]

Undergraduate Students: Manjie Fu (Biomedical Engineering)

Collaborators: Martin Täubel and Anne Hyvärinen (National Institute for Health & Welfare); Kaarle Hämeri (University of Helsinki); Rauno Holopainen, Anna-Kaisa Viitanen, A. Joonas Koivisto, and Sinikka Vainiotalo (Finnish Institute of Occupational Health); Sampo Saari (Tampere University of Technology)

Project 7: Exposure to Indoor Air Pollutants while Sleeping [2011-2015]

Collaborators: Dr. Michal Spilak (Drexel University); Prof. Atila Novoselac, Prof. Ying Xu, and Prof. Richard Corsi (The University of Texas at Austin); Dr. Helena Järnström (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)